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would you deprive yourself all the fun and crazy parties of college just to set yourselt a great future so as to someday be called the youngest person doin it?? i would. and i am

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i wish I was thinking the same way as you are right now but I got caught up with the family responsibility at an early age, working 2 jobs and trying to fit in school in the schedule. keep up the good work. :)

thanx i will. its neva too late you know. and just so you know i would sacrifice anything for family. good luck wit school and hope you can manage you time wit your jobs i know school can be a hand full on its own.

i've actually dropped outta school for a semester. i need time to work on my projects. two websites. you can imagine wat my life is like ryt now.. :)

yeah, i know. I left high school during senior year when I had a full scholarship for theaters but I had to do it. My dad became ill and no one was helping him. he pass in 2005 and I started to get myself back, putting myself first. It was hard at first because I was already getting use to just working and working. Now its getting better. :)

aww.. im so sorry to hear bout your dad. i grew up without my dad. left wen i was a kid. so i ain really ever had a relationship with 'im. whatever dont kill us only makes us stronger right.. i hope you couping well tho. a good person like you only deserves the best in life. and i hope thats all you ever get.

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